Handmade Baskets, Bags and Houseplant Cachepots

Each piece is a unique design and handmade by me. I hope you love them! ~lisa

Handmade, natural fiber handbags, baskets and houseplant cachepots in unique, one-of-a-kind designs. Most are crocheted of raffia and Icelandic wool, with occasional other fibers for aesthetic color blending. Many of the pieces are multi-functional and all make nice gifts.

I started making these baskets for myself when I couldn’t find ceramic pots I liked or they were too heavy for my larger houseplants. Besides being what I jokingly call a compulsive gardener, I love painting and many forms of artistic expression. I tend to create these crocheted pieces as if they were a canvas–painting with yarn, as it were. The tactile experience is also important for me which is why I prefer natural fibers. Just as my garden style runs a bit wild and rustic, I’m also drawn to the texture of the Iceland wool–it has a very natural feel to it–not overly processed. It is the wool that I use the most, along with natural raffia.

See my post on houseplant cachepots (scroll down midway) to use the baskets for your plants. Using a fiber cachepot is lightweight, unbreakable, and makes watering and transplanting easier.

Shipping cost is included in the price. Available to ship to U.S. addresses only. For other shipping or questions, feel free to message me at the email address on the Contact page. My return policy is here, but I hope you won’t need it. 😉

More will be added this week!

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