Mango Sorbet Pastel Storage Basket, Small Handbag or Houseplant Cachepot


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Mango Sorbet Small Natural Fiber Basket or Houseplant Cachepot — maybe I’m hungry but this basket makes me want to go get fruit sorbet or gelato. It is made of various strands of wool, silk, cotton and raffia.

It has simple handles and could be used as a small handbag for lightweight essentials.

The soft, blended shades of cream, peach, gold and white might also be charming as a storage basket in a baby’s nursery room.

As a houseplant cachepot, I think it looks great with some white-variegated plants, like a Philodendron “Birkin”, many of the sansiveria, or a spider plant. It also looks good next to my Satin Pothos and so would probably work well with other sagey-green and silvery-leaved plants.

Approximate dimensions: 7 inches high x 7 inches diameter