Baby Foxes Afoot! (cuteness warning)

An adorable family of gray foxes has taken up residence under the ruins of the old barn. I suspect the call of the compost pile and worm bin full of juicy morsels from the kitchen is a great attraction. The first encounter was surprising. Imagine having a nice quiet meditation in the house one day,Continue reading “Baby Foxes Afoot! (cuteness warning)”

Saturated, Inundated, Swamped…

Which of these watery words of overwhelm should I use? When it rains it pours? Trying to keep my head above water? We’ve gone precipitously from an historic drought to getting flooded with back-to-back atmospheric rivers. My heart goes out to those who’ve been caught at the dangerous end of the weather impacts. We wereContinue reading “Saturated, Inundated, Swamped…”

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