The Compulsive Gardener

a chat over the garden fence with you

Snowball Viburnum

A Walk Through the Garden

From persimmons to viburnums, trowels to trugs — our favorite plants, tools and projects

Lavender Field & “Farmer Grosso”

Express Yourself

Let your creativity blossom, along with your plants.

Purple Clematis

Garden Sanctuary

It’s not all about weeding. Make space for just resting and sensing. If you don’t have a garden or nature spot and are indoors, escape into the photo galleries — we’re happy to share with you!

The Fruits of Your Labors

Make the most of your harvest! Besides recipes and preserving, we’ll explore uses for non-food items from your garden!


Home and garden uses for fabric scraps, old clothes, wool carpets, tree prunings; and get inspired about upcycling old furniture!

We’re Not Alone

Humans aren’t the only creatures in the garden.

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