Get Creative

Upcycled ladderback chair using fabric scraps instead of traditional caning

Gardening, creativity, and upcycling go hand in hand for me. To me they are a movement of a natural expression. Nature is always cycling and recreating, and we are part of that. So in addition to garden-specific posts, I’ve let the creative impulse unfurl here at The Compulsive Gardener as well. This page is dedicated to posts about upcycling and creativity.

Fern shoots
Let your creativity unfurl!

Check back often for a growing body of blog posts on repurposing, upcycling and sharing inspiration through colors, paints, and fabrics and more. A fertile cross-pollination of gardening and recycling if you will!

What do you do with old T-shirts? Fabric scraps? Old DVD’s? The posts below are dedicated to, or include, creative endeavors.

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