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Upcycled ladderback chair using fabric scraps instead of traditional caning

As the garden blossoms and cycles all things continuously, so do we. Unfurl your natural creative expression and help transform household items from one purpose to the next.

Check back often for a growing body of blog posts on repurposing, upcycling and sharing inspiration through colors, paints, and fabrics and more. A fertile cross-pollination of gardening and recycling if you will!

What do you do with old T-shirts? Fabric scraps? Old DVD’s? See posts below.

Magenta Tulips | digital painting by lisa of

Bring the Garden to You — coping with pandemic isolation by creating art from the garden

Is pandemic life of isolation or inclement weather getting you down? Bring the sanctuary and refuge of the garden indoors with calming and creative outlets like painting garden scenes from your photographs. Visit garden blog for tips, inspiration, and all things gardening–a chat over the garden fence!

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