Yes, I used the word “Critters” … but it’s in my native vernacular, so it’s OK.  🙂 If you’ve gardened before, you’ve probably met lots of new friends out there, and maybe a few startling acquaintances — I refer to all the moving, buzzing, flying, crawling life forms in the garden (including badgers!).

These life forms tend to be very busy with their own goals, and may or may not be helpful to your own garden goals.  Creating habitat for the honeybees, the native tree frogs, the salamanders and butterflies is rewarding to them and you. Deer and raccoons are beautiful and intriguing, but perhaps not very conducive to you receiving the harvest from your vegetable or fruit garden. 😉

Before continuing, let me say that the impetus of this website/blog began in late 2020—a year many of us are eager to forget. And it was a great relief for me to be able to escape during 2020 into the world of my garden where all kinds of life forms exist that do not use Twitter.

On this page we’ll soon have a growing number of blog posts specifically about habitat plants for bees and butterflies, water sources for tadpoles, supporting bird life, pets in the garden, and dealing with a range of wildlife.

We hope that in the blog comments, you will share your own stories about the critters in your garden! (You don’t have to use the word “critter” though.) Stay in touch!

Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly on buddleia blossom

Pipevine Swallowtail Butterflies

Pipevine Swallowtails are my favorite butterflies here–with their mystical black color and iridescent blue sheen (on the males). And the caterpillars are also eye-catching: black with bright orange spikes–looking like a scary creature out of Star Wars.…

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