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Below are gardening-specific posts from The Compulsive Gardener blog. I hope you will enjoy them and write in to chat — over the garden fence, as it were. Check back often for more posts on all things gardening!

This gardening blog and website began at the end of the first year of the pandemic — a year that brought so many challenges to us all. One bright spot though, was the tremendous surge of gardening that happened, among both new and seasoned gardeners.

As I said in my welcome post, the garden has for decades been an important source of sanctuary for me, of de-stressing, of nourishment, exercise, enjoyment and connection. I wish that for everyone, especially during these continued difficult times. So I hope this helps fertilize the inspiration — that as many of you as possible can find continued sustenance and peace in your potagers or local parks, your windowsill greenery or indoor oasis, your allotment or balcony gardens. And if you cannot go outside right now, I hope you will find some measure of relief and feeling of nature’s connection here and with other gardeners sharing what they can online. And I also hope you have a window filled with open sky and visiting birds and the waft of fresh air carrying the scents of nature to you.

Potato harvest

Summer Garden Harvests In An Extreme Year

Given the extreme drought we’re dealing with here in Sonoma County and the West Coast of the U.S. in general, I’m especially grateful that we still have some sustaining food harvests from the garden this summer. Growing your own food in a summer dry climate always requires some irrigation. If you’ve been reading this blog,Continue reading “Summer Garden Harvests In An Extreme Year”

The Summer of Buckets !

The Summer of Buckets — Extreme Drought & Early Wildfire Season In the Garden

The Summer of Buckets You’ve heard of the Summer of Love, right? Well I propose that 2021 here in Northern California be called the Summer of Buckets. There are buckets in all the sinks — to collect dish-washing and handwashing water, a bucket in the tub to catch the water as it warms for aContinue reading “The Summer of Buckets — Extreme Drought & Early Wildfire Season In the Garden”

Garden getting a granite buffer zone

Drought and Wildfire Resilience In the Garden

“Farming needs a kind of toughness, doesn’t it…?” says Edith from Downton Abbey — one of our favorite lines we quote to each other in amusement. Same with the garden and it’s time to talk about some tough subjects affecting the garden here: drought and wildfires. Though I’ve been busy with the usual spring gardenContinue reading “Drought and Wildfire Resilience In the Garden”

Flowering Crabapple Tree

What’s Been Happening In the Early April Garden

Garden Flowers and Scents to Balm the Spirit This week, the garden soothed worries, as it so often does, with the comfort and enjoyment of the squiggling tadpoles, the pipevine butterflies, and the blossoms of the flowering crabapples, flowering currants, ceanothus and pear trees. Wandering through the garden, I’m often taken aback by lovely aromas.Continue reading “What’s Been Happening In the Early April Garden”


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