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Just Stopping For a Moment

Garden bench and freesias

What if taking a moment to do nothing opens you to the infinite? Maybe it opens us to more possibilities, more creativity, and de-fatigues our overworked brains? And what better place to take a resting moment than in the garden or your favorite nature spot?

Even as a gardener it is sometimes hard for me to put down the trowel and just stop and forget all chores for a bit. Forget all planning and improvement projects, to-do lists and analysis of all kinds. Just for a few moments if that’s all you can manage, just listening, sensing, being … as my favorite meditation mentor says.

Create a Sacred Space

You might like to create a little sacred space for yourself for these moments–whatever that looks like for you.

  • Give your body a place to be supported. Even in a tiny garden there will usually be space for a small chair, or a rug with a cushion from the house to sit on. If there is more space, perhaps a bench or a larger lounge seat. It’s nice if you can make it reasonably comfortable, so that you can actually relax.
  • Define your sacred zone, if you like. Maybe you decide to keep this space only for this restful purpose, and it builds a charge of your own intention? Then, every time you go there, it’s a little easier to just fall right into a restful, inward space. Defining your space can be really basic, like the perimeter of a small outdoor rug or stone pavers, or a small nook somewhere bordered by a trellis or shrub. If you are fortunate enough to have a small garden shed or little outbuilding in the garden, a nook inside there will protect from the elements. I like sitting both indoors and outside. However, there is just something for me about the open air and the wind and the birdsong and vast sky that invokes a broader perspective that I have more trouble accessing when I’m indoors.
  • Inspire yourself! If certain objects evoke a deep reverence in you, then you might like to include them as a focal point, like some artwork or statuary, stone or fountain for example.

Maybe gaze at the sky and wonder at it. It’s infinite! Drift out of the mind for a bit. Take a nurture break in the sanctuary of being.

Below are a growing collection of posts about creating a garden sanctuary and other posts are just offering you a virtual garden escape, if you need it. I know there have been times in my life where the sight of daffodils got me through a rough day, and this is my way of offering the garden here to you. I hope you like them! Be well.

Daffodils and rosemary--a drought-tolerant and gopher-resistant combo

Let’s Have a Walk Through the Early Spring Garden!

Take a walk through the early spring garden of in Sonoma County. Early blooming flowers of daffodils, flowering quince and currants, rosemary, grape hyacinth, cerinthe. See how the overwintering vegetables are coming along: leeks, onions, beets, garlic. Hope you enjoy the virtual garden tour!

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If you are looking for some guided meditations to enjoy in your sanctuary, see the bottom of the Resources page for a few of my favorites.

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