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Of Butterflies and Bidets

You wouldn’t think those two things had anything in common, but as it happens, both presented new and delightful arrivals in my life since my last post. Let’s start…

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Spring Awe–Buds and Bugs

Nature does not stand still and wait for us to catch up. It’s a glorious spring after all the winter rains we finally enjoyed after so many drought years.…

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Saturated, Inundated, Swamped…

Which of these watery words of overwhelm should I use? When it rains it pours? Trying to keep my head above water? We’ve gone precipitously from an historic drought…

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Winter Garden Reflections

The winter shadows are long across the landscape, creating dramatic patterns amongst the fallen leaves. We’ve awakened to ice on the bird fountains many mornings and felt grateful for…

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Sowing A Wildflower Meadow

Sow your wildflower patch in winter to enjoy the blooms in spring. Read about when I broadcast California poppy and arroyo lupine seeds and how I tend to them…

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Is It A Ladybug Picnic?

The garden seems to be a popular place for ladybugs this year. I’m seeing many more than usual, even for spring. Online, the local gardeners seem to be saying…

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4 thoughts on “Blog

  1. I discovered your blog through your comment on The Nostalgic Gardener’s blog and was pleasantly surprised with the content. We don’t have a garden ourselves, but we do have a balcony where we do a bit of gardening. The content of your blog is very diverse, creative topics are also given a place. It would be great to follow your blog.

    1. Oh… how sweet Rudi! Thank you. I like your Nature Photography site as well and just followed you too. Sel does a great blog at The Nostalgic Gardener! I love balcony gardens. Would love to see a photo if you feel like sharing. I’ll check your blog to see if you have already posted there.

      For any who are reading, you can find Rudi’s site here:
      For The Nostalgic Gardener, visit here:

  2. I’m a small step better off than Rudi, in that we have a tiny garden, all potted plants, and a paved courtyard. Nonetheless, we have an orange tree, a (young) lemon tree, strawberries, two tomatoes in tubs, and as many plants as we can get to attract butterflies and bees. Alas, our milkweed got destroyed during the laying of the courtyard, so we’ll have to start from scratch again. I love your blog with its lovely photos, and excellent observations. We tried the bidet, but found it unsuccessful, but I will research the one you got. I’m also deeply concerned about climate change, and the deforestation of the planet. I first came across the topic of global warming when I studied meteorology for my degree way back in 1972. Since then I’ve kept up to date and have lectured to anyone who’ll listen of the topic. Very few unfortunately. I’m still studying it, reading anything I can lay my hands on. We have bought solar panels, and I drive an electric car. That’s my contribution. My lovely wife still hangs on to her hybrid, beut hey, she’s halfway there! Thanks so much for the effort you put into your blog. Keep it up!

    1. Hi Derek! Nice to meet you. Your garden sounds wonderful. I’m a big fan of tiny gardens, as you called it. It sounds like it’s rich with all you are growing there. I’m curious which kind of bidet you tried. An actual bidet toilet or one of the attachments that retro-fits a standard toilet? Maybe others would benefit from your experience of what didn’t work. … That’s impressive that you have known about climate change since studying meteorology in 1972! That must be hard though too, how long we have had to act and yet so much more we could have done. Like you, we also have solar panels, although they are about 20 years old now and a few have had to be replaced. Back when Earth Day was a new thing, we found a guy who was retrofitting cars to electric and got one. After that we had one of the first GM EV1–the model the documentary was about that got recalled. My spouse just got the GM Bolt with close to 300 mile range. I still have my hybrid plug-in Prius. But, we don’t drive that much anyway. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and sharing what you did. I will look now whether you write your own blog and check it out.

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