Virtual Garden Escape — a photo gallery

Western Tiger Swallowtail butterfly and honeysuckle

It’s early January 2021 and we’ve recently gone back into COVID lockdown. This continues to be a very challenging time for most everyone. If you don’t have access to a garden or nature spot or are limited to indoors at present, please allow us to share some of our garden with you. We hope it provides at least some small bit of escape and cheer to you. I know it’s brought us much joy. Please hang in there. Be well!

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2 thoughts on “Virtual Garden Escape — a photo gallery

  1. I’m so glad you commented on my blog because it led me here, to your beautiful warm garden! We are experiencing sub-zero temps here in the Midwest so your garden photos were a lovely escape for me! Love your site!

    1. Oh… so sweet!!! Thank you! I’ve been following the midwest cold snap, as I used to live there. Very cold right now! Hope you stay warm and keep making those gorgeous painted furniture items! Fun to find your blog as well. Thanks for writing! -lisa

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