Escape the pandemic in a virtual tour of the back-roads of Sonoma County, California

Sonoma County apple orchards

Since travel continues to be limited, and with various places of the U.S. and the globe being snowed under or flooded and whatnot, I thought I would take a break from gardening and upcycling posts to offer some healthy escapism from cabin-fever: a virtual tour of the back-roads of Sonoma County, California. If only technology had figured out how to transport the smell of fresh rain on bay leaves and carpets of moss, and the caws of crows and music of songbirds — all of which were part of the experience!

All day trips must begin with coffee. Acre is one of our faves.

This was an afternoon road trip around what locals call West County. I’m not going to name the roads, to protect the privacy of residents. All photos were just quickly snapped on a cell phone from the side of the road, so please forgive any amateurish quality. Also note that the phone seems to auto adjust under certain circumstances, and it was really hard to try to fix the color of the gorgeous drive along the redwoods, with bright green mosses and ferns. Photos just don’t do it justice. The metal sculptures of the bird and bear are by scrap metal artist Patrick Amiot. Yes, it’s worth checking out his website!

If you are receiving this post via email and the photos aren’t viewing properly, go to the website here, for much better visibility.

Hope that was enjoyable!

If it was, please give me some “Likes” for encouragement! I’m a new blogger and it’s sometimes a little strange, sending these out into the ether. šŸ™‚ Stay safe!

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