Hot Autumn Hibernation with Houseplants

It was our turn for a heatwave, or so it seems, as our outdoor temperatures seared this week to about 114°Fahrenheit (about 45°Celsius). A hot autumn is normal here but the heat is getting hotter — with the North Bay city of Santa Rosa breaking an all time record of 115°F. Fortunately, the night tempsContinue reading “Hot Autumn Hibernation with Houseplants”

Houseplants Have Become My Summer Oasis

The drought and everything else got to me. Something had to give. Gardening in our summer-dry climate of Sonoma County requires adjusting to winters that are usually verdant and soggy with vernal pools, morphing into summers dry enough to burst into flames if you sneeze too hard. It’s like living in two separate ecosystems atContinue reading “Houseplants Have Become My Summer Oasis”

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