Bark and Moss Appreciation Day

It’s easy to find yourself waiting for spring–or the end of the pandemic! Find joy where you can, like in the winter interest of the garden–the bark and leaves, the mosses and red twigs. A photo tribute to the winter garden.

Favorite Gardening Tools

Our favorite long-lasting and essential garden tools after 20+ years of gardening. Also, suggestions for essential gardening tools for beginning gardeners.

Keeping a Garden Journal

Keeping a Garden Journal is a valuable resource for gardeners. Your micro-climate may be different than official records in your area. Keep temperature and rainfall records, wildlife sightings, garden designs, harvest records, pest management research. Get more ideas for what to jot down in your garden journal.

Composting with Worms and Tips for Repurposing Household Waste

Worms are a gardeners friend! Let them eat your kitchen and organic household waste with vermicomposting and get garden fertilizer for free.

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